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Every person in Myanmar will have the opportunity to be reached and restored by the love of Jesus.


In the next five years, a number of organizations are committed to partnering together in an effort to impact the nation of Myanmar through strengthening the local church, planting reproducing churches, and making disciples among all people groups and in every sphere and strata of society.


Myanmar’s Trauma

Myanmar's Trauma

Myanmar is a nation in need of healing. The collective grief and trauma from decades of armed conflict and displacement in the borderlands — now escalated by February’s coup, as well as the recent declaration of nationwide war — threatens to overwhelm the whole country. The COVID-19 pandemic and plummeting economy only add to the sorrow and heartache. A freelance counselor told Al Jazeera that before the coup, few of her patients expressed struggling with suicidal intent; now, seven out of ten of her patients are suicidal and struggling deeply with depression and anxiety. The loss of loved ones from disease and violence, the fear of arrest and torture, and the overwhelming uncertainty over the future of Myanmar have all left many hearts trapped in sorrow, trauma, and despair.

In the midst of this darkness, the Lord is raising up believers to meet both the short and long-term emotional needs of Myanmar’s grieving hearts. After COVID took the lives of over 50 pastors in Chin State, leaving many shepherdless, a young Christian leader gathered 60 pastors and prayer warriors to pray over COVID patients over the phone. This same leader also began a trauma healing group based around the idea that the coup would eventually come to pass, but “after the coup ends, what do you do for people who have no vision to rebuild their lives, being frozen in trauma?”

Several ministries are working together to develop resources to help Myanmar’s people heal from grief and trauma, ultimately knowing that only the Lord Himself can heal hearts that have been shattered by sorrow. Only the Man of Sorrows, who Himself was acquainted with grief and the deepest pain, can transform Myanmar’s trauma and grief into peace and joy.

To support ministries seeking to bring Christ’s healing and hope to those struggling with grief and trauma in Myanmar, please give below:


Prayer Requests

1. Pray that the Lord would lead and raise up more believers and ministries to bring the peace and healing of Jesus to those burdened by grief and trauma in Myanmar.

2. Pray that grieving hearts in Myanmar would encounter Jesus carrying their sorrows and sharing their heartache.

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Pray for Myanmar

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